25 Premier Fun Facts

This year we celebrate our 25th Anniversary, and we thought it a fun idea to share 25 lesser-known facts about our family-owned and managed hotel group!




  1. The Group’s founder, Samuel Nassimov, began his career as a hat maker.
  2. The Group started off with a humble 40 bedrooms and now boasts 1 729.
  3. Employment opportunities have been provided for 1 500 passionate staff.
  4. There are three staff members who have been part of the company since its inception.
  5. Mpongo Private Game Reserve is home to a pair of rescue lions, Simba and Ozzy, who love meeting new visitors.
  6. Premier Hotel Knysna – The Moorings has been home to two Eagle Owls for many years, and welcomed an owlet in 2015.
  7. Premier Hotel Sani Pass uses fresh milk which is collected daily from a local dairy farmer.
  8. Premier Hotel The Winkler is a landmark in the Lowveld thanks to its spire.
  9. Premier Hotel The Richards has hosted interesting guests such as Barak Obama’s grandmother, Prime Circle and the French Air Force.
  10. The Splendid Inn Bayshore uses up to 1 440kg of potatoes per year.
  11. The East London International Convention Centre (ELICC) is the first beachfront International Convention Centre in Southern Africa.
  12. The combined average age of the staff at the Premier Hotel Pinetown is 38.38years
  13. Premier Hotel Himeville Arms opened its doors in 1904 giving it at least 112 years in the hotel business and making it the oldest hotel in the Premier Group.
  14. Premier Hotel Cape Town’s Shuttle drives 30,713 km a year. This is the same as driving 9,307 times to the V&A Waterfront from the hotel; 30 times to East London or 22 times to Johannesburg.
  15. If you lay all the mattresses of Premier Hotels & Resorts on the road, you’d be able to walk on them from Cape Town to East London, East London to Durban, Durban to Mpumalanga and Mpumalanga to Johannesburg, without touching the ground once: they stretch over 2700 km.
  16. Premier Hotels & Resorts is rebranding in 2016.
  17. Premier Hotels & Resorts has adopted a number of green initiatives, in order to do its part in preserving our environment, even appointing green teams that are supervised by a ‘green committee’ which facilitates ongoing green training.
  18. The conference facilities offered across the Premier Hotels & Resorts group add up to 13,167 square meters, equivalent to approximately 19 standard tennis courts.
  19. All of the Premier properties are set within beautiful surroundings and located close to popular local attractions. This is because they aim to ensure that guests have a well-appointed base from which to explore the area’s offerings.
  20. The Group have a myriad of properties that appeal to the needs and lifestyles of different visitors. They therefore ensure to communicate their messages through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as well as traditional media channels like newspapers and magazines, using imagery and tones tailored to the target audience.
  21. Premier Hotels & Resorts have catered to the impulsive decisions of the millennial traveller by setting up a Premier Hotels & Resorts Kiosk at the International Arrivals Hall at OR. Tambo International Airport. This facility allows customers to book accommodation and a complimentary shuttle service which will take them to the hotel within minutes.
  22. The Premier Hotels & Resorts Royalty Club is being relaunched to ensure that customers enjoy genuine rewards for their continued loyalty and support of their various hotel and resort properties.
  23. The Academic College of South Africa is managed by Premier Hotels & Resorts. The college was established to address the dire training need within the Hospitality Industry in order to provide a competent and skilled workforce.
  24. If you book at any of the properties during the month of October you will receive up to 50% discount on your stay over December and January.
  25. For the past 25 years, Premier Hotels & Resorts has been contributing to our heritage through the creation of accommodation options that not only enable local and international tourists to explore South Africa’s natural, cultural and historical offerings, but add to the economy.

We look forward to the next 25 years and fun facts that we can share with you!

For more information on all of the hotels above, visit Our Hotels page.

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