4 Local Dishes you have to try While Travelling South Africa

South Africa isn’t just one of the most beautiful countries in the world, it’s one of the most delicious too. From curries to koeksisters, here are 4 local dishes you absolutely have to have when travelling around South Africa.

1. Gatsby

This beautiful work of art is a must when you’re visiting the Mother City. Essentially a submarine sandwich, a Gatsby is a foot long roll stuffed with anything from slap chips to your choice of meat or fish. Definitely not for those on a diet, approach with caution! They’re addictive… Try it next time you’re in Cape Town.

Bunny Chow
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2. Mashonza (Mopane Worms)

Yes you read that correctly. Actual worms. This local dish is popular among Lowveld locals, and is actually pretty tasty! Sundried or fried, Mopane worms can be enjoyed as a starter meal or a light snack. (They taste like powdered biltong, for those of you who were wondering) Visit Mpumalanga to taste this dish.

Mopane Worms
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3. Koeksisters

No visit to our nation’s legislative capital is complete with a serving of these sweet treats. Translating to “knot sisters” this local dish consists of twisted strands of deep-fried dough dipped in syrup. A dish popular in many traditional Afrikaans households, we don’t know what we’d do without these little bites of heaven. Take a bite on your next trip to Pretoria.

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4. Bunny Chow

Basically the best part of going on holiday in Durban. This proudly South African dish consists of a hollowed-out half loaf, filled with rich and aromatic curry, potatoes and lamb, beef or chicken. Influenced by the Indian culture in KwaZulu Natal, choose wisely when you’re asked how spicy you’d like this bad boy. Put it to the test when you visit the greater Durban area.

Bunny Chow
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Want to try these dishes at home? Click here for full recipes of these and other South African favourites. Think we left anything out? Let us know when you share below.

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