6 Essentials for Every Parent’s Travel Bag

Let’s be honest, travelling with kids is one of the hardest tasks of parenthood. Long flights, endless road trips and tiresome toddlers can really test your limits. Don’t let the thought of the journey stop you from taking great family holidays, just make sure you have everything you need to master family travel with these 6 handy items.

1. Plastic Bags

The perfect tool for a quick clean up, keep a few of these folded in your bag. You never know when (or what) you might need to dispose of during a long flight or car trip.

2. Fast Food Toys

Most takeout franchises offer some sort of toy incentive with meals for your little ones. Hold on to them! Small enough to keep in your bag, just whip these out for some screen-free entertainment when a back-seat fight or an “I’m bored…” breaks out.


Fast Food Toys

3. Baby Wipes

No matter how hard we try, kids will always be messy eaters. All parents can relate: these miracle scented wipes are a gift straight from the heavens. Keep a few on hand to wipe sticky faces, hands and everything else that fell victim to lunch-time.

4. Hand Sanitizer

Those sticky hands we mentioned earlier? They are often a result of a basic child reaction: touching something you tell them not to. Opt for stashing a small, waterless sanitizer in your travel bag. IMPORTANT: don’t remove it after your travels. You’ll be needing it again soon.


hand sanitizer

5. Candy

A little something sweet can go a long way, especially when finicky little ones don’t fancy the airline’s dessert. Try sugar-free lollipops or gum for your tot’s sweet tooth, and save a little for take-off and landing to help with ears and air pressure.

6. Re-usable Water Bottle

Ever just pass the garage or have the flight attendant move to the next row and hear a squeaky “I’m thirsty!”  ? So have we. Numerous times. Keep a re-usable water bottle handy and make sure it’s always at least half-full.

Kids Water Bottle



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