5 Things to Expect from your Trip to Durban

The coastal based city with a spice for life is one of our favourite local destinations. With a variety of things to do and sights to see, visits to Durban never disappoint. Brace yourself for an explosion of sights, sounds and smells; here are the top 5 things you can expect to happen during your visit to this eclectic city.

You’ll fall into a Food Coma

Think fresh halved-bread loafs hollowed out and filled with succulent chunks of lamb or beef. If that doesn’t tantalise your tastebuds, opt for traditional shisa nyama cooked on an open fire for a flavoursome local experience. Spoilt for choice, it’s hard not to over indulge during your stay!  For more culinary delights from Durbs, click here.

Durban Food


You’ll feel like a Mermaid

White sandy beaches and a seemingly “endless summer” will get you in your bathing suit in almost every season! With sea temperatures averaging in the mid-twenties year round, nothing is stopping you from catching some waves or spending a lazy day on the beach. In fact, you’ll be in the water so often it might feel like you’re starting to grow fins… Click here to see our favourite spots to swim and surf.


Time will fly… Literally!

In Durban, the sky is not the limit. Adrenaline junkies can take a leap of faith off of the Moses Mabidha stadium and fly through the air on the world’s tallest swing. For those who prefer a more stable view from the top, a visit to the rotating restaurant is a must! With so much to see and do, we recommend creating a travel bucketlist so you can prioritize what attractions to visit next.

Big Rush Durban

You’ll be whisked away to Another World

A cosmopolitan city of note, Durban is filled with design, architecture and vibe influenced heavily by both Indian and Zulu cultures.  Experience an eclectic mix of  different worlds in one city. Whether you visit one of the magnificent mosques or take a tour of a traditional Zulu village, you’re bound to find culture around every corner.


You’ll most likely wind up Broke

With one of the biggest malls in the Southern Hemisphere and some of the best in local and international stores, keeping that wallet shut will prove a challenge! More than just  Gateway, retailers and shop assistants are keen to strike a deal in any store or at any fleamarket. Shopaholics beware.

Durban Shopping


Considering a visit to the greater Durban area? Check out our KwaZulu Natal properties for specials on accommodation and much much more. Remember to share this post to spark some wanderlust.

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