Christmas Tables from around the World

The festive season holidays are almost always a reason to over-indulge and spend quality time with your loved ones. As South Africans get ready to eat, drink and be merry around their dinner tables, we took a look at what the rest of the world gets up to. Need some inspiration for your Christmas table? Check out the spreads below!


  • Nigeria

Christmas in Nigeria is often spent in tailor made outfits around a table of extended family. Dishes that are served include traditional Nigerian jollof (a spicy rice dish) goat stew, and moin-moi (blended beans mixed with vegetable oil and diced liver, prawns, chicken and fish).

Goat stew
Goat Stew
Instagram: @_beautybeyondsize_


  • Germany

Traditional German Christmas tables often include a raclette (a type of hot plate device). The entire family cooks their own selection of salami, ham, mushrooms and raclette cheese together on the shared device.

Raclette Instagram: @chichidefilles


  • Lithuania

Lithuanians traditionally serve 12 dishes, representing the 12 apostles.  Three to four of these dishes will typically consist of herring and are often accompanied by a swig of cranberry kissel (a drink made of strained cranberries, sugar and syrup).

Cranberry Kissel
Cranberry Kissel
Instagram: @maistuisvarmaansullekin


  • France

Fancy yourself a Christmas dinner that can last up to 8 hours? Spend the festive season with a French family! Delicious dishes you can expect during your lengthy soirée include: fresh oysters, foie-gras , turkey with chestnuts, and buche de noel (a type of cake similar to a Swiss Roll).

Buche de Noel
Buche de Noel
Instagram: @laeti_patisserie



Feeling inspired? Try out some of our favourite Christmas recipes here. Visit our specials page to view our festive season celebration offers and book your table for our Christmas lunches today!

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