Hotel Renovations Make Rands and Sense

From big-name chains to boutique establishments, hotels all over the world are reaping the rewards of renovating. Updated features, amenities and aesthetics affect not only a hotel’s functionality, marketability and perception, but its guests’ experience and ultimately its profitability.

Locally, Premier Hotels & Resorts has embarked on a series of upgrades at our properties around the country to ensure that guests receive a World Class African experience. Our Group Sales & Marketing Manager, Grant Sandham, shares, “We have tapped into global trends to respond to the wants and needs of today’s guests and anticipate the expectations of those of tomorrow. This helps us remain relevant in the market whilst boosting our bottom line.”

He shares some of the trends that Premier Hotels & Resorts has implemented to transform our offerings:

Stepping up sustainability

Did you know that in the US, hotels consume 84.7 billion kilowatts per hour each year and that the average medium to large hotel in Australia uses about 300 litres of water per room annually? With South Africa being resource scarce, the need for sustainability solutions in hotels is obvious. This may mean installing energy saving bulbs, low-flow shower heads and boreholes as well as implementing grey water reclamation and recycling solutions, providing full and half flush options on toilets and putting in heat exchange systems to warm up water. Doing so has a positive impact on both the environment and the hotel’s long-term financial savings.


Plugging in

The rate at which technology has taken over our everyday lives has seen hotels having to equip rooms with an abundance of plug points as well as Wi-Fi to ensure that guests can stay connected. This is a must for hotels that cater for business travellers.


Recharging restaurants

For years, the appeal of hotel restaurants lay in their practicality, but now they are becoming dining destinations in and of themselves. To be competitive in this regard, hotels need to look at the cuisine they serve as well as the setting. Many hotels are revamping their restaurants to attract locals – a clever strategy for propping up revenue in low seasons.


Spacing out

Third spaces are becoming progressively popular within hotels. These are gathering places, separate from home (the first space) and office (the second space), that can be used for social and/or business affairs. In many international hotels, these communal areas tend to feature modern, yet comfortable furnishings, a menu with snacks, coffee, wine and beer, flat screen TVs and, in some cases, computers. The benefit is an additional source of revenue from non-guests who may stop by specifically to use the space.


“We believe that transforming our properties with these and other trends in mind is crucial for both our guests and our business,” concludes Sandham.

Recent News

Premier Hotels and Resorts continues with extensive development programme

Premier Hotels and Resorts continues with extensive development programme

Following on from the recent announcement by Premier that phased re-openings of its Hotels and Resorts have commenced, the independent Hotel Group has also revealed plans for various re- furbishments and new builds due to come to market soon.

Premier Hotels opens for Business

Premier Hotels opens for Business

Further to the announcement in Alert Level 3, Premier Hotels has continued openings of selected hotels, as well as opening all booking channels for hotels into 2021.

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