How to Cope with Travel Anxiety

Travelling isn’t always all foreign delicacies and gorgeous views. Being in an unfamiliar place can cause travel anxiety, not the best way to spend a business trip or a holiday! Keep the stress at bay and make the most of every trip by following these handy steps to help you cope with your travel anxiety.

Research and Plan Ahead

Try to familiarize yourself with your new surroundings before your trip by researching the area and environment. TripAdvisor is your friend. Read reviews and write-ups so you know what to expect. Pro-Tip: Use Google Maps’ street view function to check out the areas around your destination.

Research and plan

Compile Lists

Keep your thoughts organized by making lists of any tasks or schedules. This could help calm you and can be used as reassurance when you start feeling anxious or stressed. To-do and packing lists are a handy tools to keep you from forgetting anything you might need during your trip.

Pack beforehand

Don’t leave packing to the last minute. Pre-pack at least two or three days ahead of your trip and double back to check that you haven’t forgotten anything. Keep all of your important documents with you at all times to prevent them from getting lost.


Remember to breathe

A tip for travel related anxiety: take a deep breath and try to center yourself. Focus on one element at a time, and use your senses to ground you. Remember that you’re on the trip to learn and see new things.  Keep yourself motivated and repeat out loud: I CAN DO THIS!


Just because plans have changed, doesn’t mean that all is lost.  Things don’t always go according to plan, and that is perfectly normal.  Try and de-stress with a hike, swim or spa treatment.


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