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Keeping Fit on Holiday

Keeping Fit on Holiday

Most people have the same routine every day, and part of that routine includes going to the gym. But if you have booked a holiday this could mean that you won’t be seeing the gym for a while.

Committed to Keeping Fit on Holiday

There are other ways to keep fit besides going to gym. Have a look at the area you will be staying in and look for outdoor activities where you can have fun while exercising at the same time. Holiday fitness is not always on everyone’s agenda, but for the dedicated fitness individuals and people with certain health conditions this is often an essential part of everyday life.

Fun Holiday Exercise Ideas:

  • Hiking trails
  • Water sports
  • Surfing
  • Paragliding
  • Walking (try to walk to a tourist destination nearby instead of driving)
  • Swimming

There are so many options available depending on the area you will be in, all you need to do is research the area beforehand and plot where the possibilities of holiday exercise are.

Do Your Research on Gyms in the Area

If outdoor activities are not suitable due to weather conditions or if being in a gym is just your personal preference, then do your research on the gyms in the area. Keeping fit on holiday is easier than you think. Many gyms now offer per day rates and free tours, so you can have a look before committing to anything. If you have booked a stay at Premier Hotel Pretoria you can take advantage of this state of the art gym in Pretoria. Viva Gym offers all modern facilities with free parking and WiFi. Visit their website and enjoy a free virtual tour of their health clubs.