The Best Ways to Maintain your Privacy during Business Travel

Time to get real, travelling leaves little room for privacy. Somewhere between crowded airports, invasive security checks and cramped airplanes, you lose the luxury of having your own space. During business travel, it is especially important that you try to create an element of privacy. Follow these tips on how to maintain a level of privacy during your travels.

Use Laptop Screen Filters

Whether you’re working on something confidential or just happily browsing through family vacation memories on social networks, you really wouldn’t want someone to peek at your screen over your shoulder. Try using a laptop screen filter to make sure the contents of your screen is only displayed to you.

Laptop screen filter

Try Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Block out the rest of the world by investing in a decent pair of noise-cancelling headphones. Say goodbye to loud passengers, crying infants and rickety trolleys as you drown out the noise and relax in your own little cocoon of calm. Bonus point: you don’t have to max out the volume to experience the noise-cancelling benefits.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Keep your Eye-Mask Handy

Most long-haul flights hand these out for free. Whether it’s your neighbour’s reading light or the open window shutter that you can’t control, simply slip on your eye-mask and rest peacefully.


Maintain Digital Privacy

We can’t stress this enough: Be careful what you do online! With major cyber security risks increasing in severity and popularity, always make sure that your internet connection is secure and trusted. Read more about this here.


Cyber criminals


Need a private space to work during your travels? Ask about our dedicated business centers, or opt for an executive room with a well-positioned work station.


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