Packing For Your Destination Marathon

There’s nothing quite as thrilling as taking on an epic challenge in a different city. But with all the pre-race jitters, travelling can take its toll too! Follow these handy tips and tricks to help you prepare for your destination marathon.

Pre-pack your Paperwork

Make sure you have all your paperwork ahead of time if at all possible. Keep these stored in a zip-lock or airtight bag to keep them save during transit. Which brings us to point number two…

Keep it in a Carry-On

Imagine the icy feeling of standing at the carousel and your bag with your running gear doesn’t appear…Always pack your running shoes and other gear in carry-on luggage to make sure you’re race ready no matter what.

Pack for Every Kind of Weather

You can’t trust the weather man… Make sure you pack for rain or shine, especially if your race is in a coastal area where weather can change quite quickly. Sunglasses, a running cap and sweater are all essentials to remember while packing.
Winter race

Wear Compression Socks

Although they might look hideous, they help reduce swelling caused by air-travel. Try to stand up every hour or so during your flight to stretch your legs. This will help blood circulation and ensure your legs don’t feel heavy on the big day.

Put Together a Recovery Kit

Remember to pack for your trip post-race. During the excitement of preparing for a race the thought of what happens after the finish line is often overlooked. Bring along flip-flops, clean socks, comfy clothes, healthy snacks and a first aid kit for after the race. Other ways to relax and indulge post-race include:

  • Swimming a few laps in the hotel pool
  • Enjoying a sports-massage
  • Taking a long soak in the tub

Emerald Spa
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