Premier Patriarchs

Falling every year on the third Sunday in June, Father’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate the impact that dads and father figures have on the lives of their children and those who look up to them.

At Premier Hotels & Resorts, our Managing Director, Samuel Nassimov, is regarded as the company’s patriarch by our more than 1,500 staff members. He shares: “My father was my role model and I try to impart the same values to my children and employees as he did to me.”

With three kids – ranging in age from 4 to 38 – Nassimov notes that he spends as much time with them as possible, when not travelling as part of overseeing the management of Premier’s 16 properties around the country. He and his wife plan their family outings and vacations to ensure that all of the children are catered to.

When asked what the most rewarding part of being a dad is, Nassimov said: “With my older children, Sigal (38) and Roni (34), it’s seeing how they have grown into responsible adults and witnessing their many achievements. Of course, there is also the absolute excitement of my littlest one, Lev (4), who is so exuberant and happy to see me when I get home – it makes my day.”

Other fathers and father figures within our company’s leadership are Group Operations Manager, Richard Bray, Group Sales and Marketing Manager, Grant Sandham and Resorts Operations Manager, Deneys Swart.

For Bray, a father of five, the best part of fatherhood has been watching his children blossom. He says: “Parenting is not easy, but at the end of the day when they grow up, go through tertiary education, get married and have a good value system, you know you’ve done a good job.”

He believes that the key to juggling being a father and having a full-time career in the challenging hospitality industry is being fully present, available and focused when one is with their family. “I don’t think that I always got it right, but I must’ve done something right for the children to turn out like they have and I would like to say that they turned out beautifully.”

Sandham shares that seeing his two children succeed, make the right decisions and (most importantly) be happy are what give him the most satisfaction as a father. He strives to have dinner with his kids whenever possible so that they have the opportunity to talk as a family and when travelling, he calls them daily. He tries to be involved in his children’s’ lives as much as possible whether it be attending his daughter’s netball games or enjoying family activities in which everyone participates. “It starts with the little things. Every morning I wake my kids up and make them coffee and every night I make sure that I say goodnight to them.”

Swart, who has three kids, concurs with his colleagues, saying: “As a dad who works in a demanding industry, I have had to learn how to manage my time and ensure that there is open communication between my children and me. Thanks to cell phones and social media, we can always be in contact. My children know that I am always there when they need me and that they can talk to me at any time.”
For him, the happiness and success of his children, coupled with the knowledge that they are living good lives, are what make being a father so rewarding.

“I believe that it is this kind of commitment – showcased by the dads and moms employed at Premier Hotels & Resorts – that translates into the family-feel guests experience when they stay with us – enabling us to deliver on our unique promise of ‘where guests become friends’,” concludes Nassimov.

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