Your Holiday Roadtrip Survival Guide

School holidays are here again, and those of us who are lucky enough get to take off our ties and head out on a roadtrip for a short spring break. But a long drive in a cramped car can make the kids cranky, and a highway can turn into a headache very quickly. Take a look at our roadtrip survival guide to turn that nightmarish commute into a joyride.

  • Bring Bedding

Pillows and blankets are the only solution to the famed aircon battle, and help to keep tiny travellers more comfortable. If the trip gets tiresome, you’re geared for a sneaky little daytime nap.

  • Pit Stops are your Friend

Probably the most important tool, be sure to take regular pit stops to stretch your legs and get in some fresh air. Google some fun sights to see along the way or sit down for a meal at a rest stop. Try to refresh and refuel about every 2 hours.

  • Good Old “Padkos”

Snacking on some premade goodies is an instant mood-lifter. Turn snack time into a fun game by wrapping snacks in colourful packaging, and have kids guess what’s inside. Favourite options are biltong, dried fruit, zoo biscuits and popcorn.


  • Stay Hydrated

Make sure you bring enough water for you and the kids. Dehydration can lead to headaches and nausea, definitely not the best way to start a holiday! Be careful not to have the kids take too many sips from their bottles, or you’ll have to make frequent unplanned pit stops.

  • Car Games

Every family has a favourite.  From “I Spy” to “Car Cricket”, exactly how you play can be up to you! Get creative and try variations or make up your own. Perfect for road trips with preteens, car games can shorten the distance to a holiday destination. For a list of our favourite car games, click here.



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