3 TED Talks to Watch for Serious Travel Inspiration

Feel like you’re stuck in a rut? Need something to reignite your spark? Don’t let the year-end slump keep you down. Set the stage for 2018 by picking yourself up and go somewhere new. Check out these 3 TED Talks for some serious travel inspiration and get motivated today. (P.S. you’re welcome)

1) Learn to travel — travel to learn

South African born Robin Esrock teaches the value of travel and motivates you to step out of your routine.


2)  The joy of surfing in ice-cold water

Chris Burkard speaks out on braving challenges and how to invigorate every day life by taking the alternative route. (His Instagram account is pretty amazing too!)


3)  Where is home?

Listen as Pico Iyer describes originating from different countries and stresses the importance of travelling and standing still.


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