The Giant’s Cup

Get ready for the run of your life with the Giant’s Cup –  presented by Pure Mountain Trail in association Premier Hotel Sani Pass.

The Goal

Compete in a 2 day 62km Drakensberg trail run through Sani Pass in the Giant’s Cup. Brace yourself for 2 days of tough terrains and beautiful views as you take on one of the Southern Drakensberg’s most loved trail runs.

The Race

The race takes you on a 2 day journey across a 5 day hiking trail in the Maloti Drakensberg Park. Discover the beauty and awe that Sani Pass has to offer while pushing yourself to the next level.

Entries for the Giant’s Cup include:

  • 3 nights hotel stay accommodation
  • meals and an awards dinner on the final night
  • access to full medical support

and much, much more!

Register and overnight in comfort and luxury in preparation for the path ahead at the Premier Hotel Sani Pass.

Click here for more route and race info on The Giant’s Cup.

Follow the Hype

Join in on the hype and excitement! Support your friends and family by following their journey along they way. Check out The Giant’s Cup Facebook page for more goodies, giveaways and extras.

Head to the hills with The Giant’s Cup and #staypremier at Premier Hotel Sani Pass.

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