4 Tips for your South African Safari

Wide open plains and stretches of untouched wildlife make South Africa a prime Safari destination. For first time safari-goers choosing when to go and what to bring can be quite daunting! Follow these tips to help you craft the perfect South African safari experience.

  • Choose When to Go

Beautiful all-year round, the best time to visit would depend on your sighting goal. Winter months are great for animal-spotting as most trees and shrubs are bare, making wildlife a little more visible. Scarcer food and water sources also see animals foraging around more openly.  The summer season is great for lush landscapes and bird watching.
Lush safari

  • Use a Guide

Most lodges and reserves have trained professionals that know exactly when and where wildlife will appear. Consider taking a guided game drive and experience up-close and personal wildlife encounters that you wouldn’t necessarily have had on your own.

  • Think Bigger than the Big 5

Although spotting the big 5 (lion, buffalo, elephant, leopard and rhino) is an amazing sight, there are many more animals to be seen in South Africa. From antelope to giraffe and zebra, add some less famous animals to your list and see if you can spot them.

  • Pack Essentials

Don’t leave for your safari without packing these items:

  • Hat/Beanie
  • Sunscreen
  • Light clothing and jackets
  • Sunglasses

Be prepared for any weather; it’s a jungle out there…
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