Expert Tips for Business Travellers

Travelling for work can be a major hassle. Managing flights, accommodation and still staying on top of your game is no easy feat. We asked some seasoned business travellers to share their secrets for an insider’s guide to business travel.

Invest in Quality Luggage

Spend a little extra money on a high quality carry-on. “It doesn’t depend on the length of the trip — I’ve even been to Europe and Africa for 35 days straight and I only take a roller bag,” says Scott Marrow, former CEO of Luxury Link.

Pack Clothes that are Dark in Colour

Dark colours and patterns help hide early morning coffee stains. This is essential when travelling with limited outfits! Pauline Frommer from Frommer Guide Books says: “To me it’s not about how I look, it’s about how the world looks. And if I’m worrying too much about how I look, then I’m missing out on my trip. I wear dark colours that hide stains.”


Fully Charge Electronics before you Travel

A fully powered phone and laptop are crucial if you need to get some work done. Entrepreneur Jason W. Womack mentions to charge all devices the night before and keep them next to your wallet as not to forget packing them.

 Make use of One Airline during your Travels

Travelling with one airline simplifies luggage transfers and increases your loyalty points. “Make sure you check international airlines to ensure your primary airline will gain the miles from flights on international carriers. Many of the perks afforded on your primary carrier will transfer over to these international carriers.” States Suzanne Garber from International SOS.

Make a List then Pack only Half

You need less than you think! Fathom Away founder Pavia Rosetti says: “I think about the stuff I want to bring, and then I only bring half. And you’re still not going to wear a good two-thirds of it.”


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