How to Save Money on Travel

We all know that one person who seems to be in a new country every week. They have more social check-ins and selfies with famous landmarks than there are hours in a day, and all you can think of is how they can afford it?! Truth of the matter is that anyone can be that person. Follow these tips and tricks to find out how to save money on travel.

Stash your Cash

Sale sign hanging in the shop window? DON’T FALL FOR IT! Settle for wearing your sweater for another season and save that cash for a plane ticket or tour. Spend less money on things and more on experiences.

Off-Season is your Friend

Yes the weather might not allow you to snap that perfect sundowner selfie, but there will be less crowds, cheaper accommodation options and airfares that won’t break the bank. Consider an off-season trip and spend half the money you would during popular months.

Off-season travel


Fly Solo. Or Just with Less People

Choose flight times that are less popular and lower in demand. Late night flights and early mornings tend to be cheaper. Adjust your sleeping patterns to save a little more on airfare, you can always sleep on the plane.

Bank Smart

Open an account that is travel friendly. Some banks give you the option to open a travel account that doesn’t charge you large amounts of money for transacting outside the borders. (A good local option is the International Travel Card from FNB, check it out here.

International Travel

Pre-Book Activities

Most popular attractions in major tourist destinations offer some sort of discount if you pre-book and purchase tickets online. Take some time planning what you want to see and do before you leave for your trip.

Join a Rewards Programme

Sign up to join rewards programmes for flights and accommodation. Not only do members get discount but they are often allowed awesome freebies like upgrades, special offers etc. Check out the Premier Hotels & Resorts Royalty Rewards programme here.

VIP Platter


Want to save even more? Keep an eye on our Specials Page for promotional offers and amazing deals on accommodation.

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